Brick Lane Market Fashion & Food

What’s good, London? It’s Sunday morning and today we’re hanging out at Brick Lane Market. This place is super rad to come and hang out, chill, grab a drink and eat some really dope food. And if you’re really lucky, you will spot a few people wearing some ridiculous next level outfits. So come check […]


Makeup Shopping in London

Hey everybody, so hello from London! Today we’re going to go makeup shopping again and this time we’re going to see what London has to offer the number one place I like to shop for drugstore makeup in London it is. This place called Superdrug, and you’ll find a ton, a ton of makeup. I […]

mens fashion

London Men’s Fashion

Today I’m going to answer the question, where I get all super frequently and, that is in regards, to a London shopping guide – my personal favorite online blog. You just teach these about London. Normally showcasing the best shopping places to go to. A lot of you guys leave some comments in regards to […]


The seven noses of Soho

In 1997 artist Rick Buckley decided to stage a protest against the appearance of CCTV cameras across the streets of London. A cartoon of a nose running. These surveillance cameras were drawing an awful lot of criticism, since many people were starting to view them as a huge step closer to a Big Brother state. […]

rolling bridge

Heatherwick’s Rolling Bridge

If you want to witness a little contemporary London fascination, then a visit to the Rolling Bridge in Paddington Basin is an absolute must. Whether you choose to define it as art or architecture, the Rolling Bridge offers a magic of its own at midday every Friday, which tourists and locals can’t help but be […]


Smallest Square in London

As Westminster Council spends thousands of pounds turning Pall Mall into a dual-carriageway racetrack, parts of St. James’s remain an oasis of peace and calm. Thought to be the smallest public open space in London, Pickering Place is perhaps most famous for being the location of the last public duel in England. This gas lit […]

dawn street station

Closed Down Street Station

Down Street is a London Underground station between Hyde Park Corner and Green Park on the Piccadilly line, it was closed in 1932 and later used as an air raid shelter. Down Street Station history Down Street is a London Underground station between Hyde Park Corner and Green Park on the Piccadilly line, it was […]


Cabinet War Rooms

One of London’s most famous tourist attractions. Situated under Whitehall in the centre of the Capital, the Cabinet War Rooms was Prime Minster, Winston Churchill’s hideaway during the second, built in a reinforced basement beneath the treasury building. Cabinet War Rooms history The Cabinet War Rooms was once the most important structure in Great Britain […]


Aldwych Strand Station

Aldwych Station, originally know as Strand Station was closed in 1994. The disused street level entrance can still be seen on The Strand. Aldwych Station history Strand Station was originally opened in 1907, it acted as an off-shoot of the Piccadilly Line to Holborn.  The station attracted low passenger numbers but originally ran a late […]


Admiralty Citadel

A huge, protected Second World fortress right in the middle of Central London, sat in between Horse Guards Parade and Saint James’s Park. The citadel is still used by the Ministry of Defence, it is now part of the Admiralty Communications Centre. A “vast monstrosity which weighs upon the Horse Guards Parade”, as Winston Churchill […]

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