How is Christmas celebrated in Great Britain?


As Great Britain is one of my favourite countries, I couldn’t miss such a marvelous opportunity to spend Christmas holidays in England for the first time in my life.
I have wished to know how Christmas is celebrated in Britain for a long time. As I have always been interested in traditions and customs of various nations, and those of Englishmen are of my particular interest. This nation distinguishes with its reserve and peculiarity.

How Christmas is celebrated in Britain, traditions

Very often I was told by my friends that if I was eager to see London the best time to visit the capital of the UK is winter. At this time of the year you can fully enjoy its natural quiet life. By the way, that’s absolutely true. In winter the atmosphere in the streets of the city is so specific and differs from other seasons. Needless to say, Russian winters are incomparable with the winter in London. It’s all because day temperatures reach +8 degrees Centigrade in the city. There is almost no snow here. That’s why Londoners are very glad when it snows and in Christmas Eve ground is in its white cover or a White Christmas, as they call it. I myself was happy and jumped like a child when first saw how large snow flakes were falling from the sky and how beautifully and mysteriously snow looks in London. I’ll never forget the sight and my feelings at the moment. And what friendly people British are! I felt like in fairytale and believe there is nothing more nice and divine than to spend Christmas holidays namely in Britain. What I luckily managed to do and must say that I am almost overfilled with emotions and impressions from visiting this mysterious country.
To see with your own eyes how Englishmen celebrate the holiday is unforgettable experience, I should remark, which I had in my life. Those a few days in the atmosphere of sincere happiness among very kind, friendly in manner, helpful and warmly welcoming people, an insight into ceremonies and traditions, which were formed during centuries and are followed in England over the years will stay in your memory till the rest of your life. Christmas in this wonderful country is considered as one of the greatest holidays. A family dinner is a usual way of celebrating Christmas. Another unchanged custom is the speech of the Queen of England. And it’s so weird to hear the speech of the Queen instead of the president’s congratulations.
Before sitting down to table everyone should go to the church, it’s a must. By the way, during my visit of the church, there were a lot of people of various age, both adult and children. British also have a tradition to sing holiday songs. And absolutely in every house during Christmas Eve everyone is in an expectance of a miracle. I’ve got unforgettable emotions witnessing it all. You are waiting like a child for something not ordinary and unexpected to happen. At this time typically the main dish for the festive table is baked in the oven, it’s turkey. Besides there are lots of various pots which steam with all sorts of sources and fruit filling prepared for pies and many-many other delicious food. The feast begins on the 25th of December at one p.m. with the flip-flop of a slapstick called Christmas Cracker. Just at the moment you can hear loud laughter and cries of the guests. Serpentine is spattered everywhere. How this all lovely and kindly is!
After all these ceremonies you can try the holiday food. Having eaten the yummy Christmas dishes I sat together with the rest members of the family to watch TV and to see the congratulation of the Queen of England. When lunch time was near came other relatives and friends with presents and began congratulate each other after which all sat down to table. This night very warm and cozy home environment reins in all homes. In brief, I was in full delight of the Winter’s Tale. Everything was like it is shown on TV in foreign films and serials only I took part in it in real.
Now you know too how Christmas is celebrated in London. It is very interesting and thrilling, isn’t it? The atmosphere of the streets and in the houses simply fascinates, and it is worth seeing at least once in your life for sure.

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