Marriage in England


Nowadays there is a huge diversity of templates in our society, which give a possibility to organize a familial British community. These very templates will be a matter of the article. A great number of people resemble each other and they have common characteristic traits. A family in Great Britain relates to the monogamous type of families. Monogamy, approved by the law of Great Britain, is a the basis of any family. The recent research has shown that today monogamy is more “variable” than constant and the large amount of divorces confirms this. Everyone has the right to have relations with many partners, but the law prohibits marrying more than one person. The Great Britain is the country where consecutive marriage takes place, that is you can be married with one person and then with another. However, as known, in any given country, in England too, great number of people have relations on the side. Exactly adultery in the most cases becomes the most frequent cause of ruining of monogamous families.

Foundation of a Family and a Process of Marriage

Marriage in England is based on romantic relationships. Only true feelings can keep two persons together for life. The scientists have discovered that a psychological contact is required between partners to maintain a strong marriage. There should be mutual attraction between people in addition to mutual compatibility. Love that is based on romantic relationship is not popular in England now. Romantic love has to be true and sincere but not just a part of culture of the country. Unfortunately, reality of life does not coincide with ideology of the society. The majority of married people value the material status of their partner but not the moral qualities. What is more, the main characteristic of a normal marriage in a given country is the quality of the intimate life. Dissatisfaction becomes the cause to most divorces.

English family bases on the paternal line. Same to other European countries children in Great Britain also take the last name of the father and the heritage is shared according to the paternal line. There are countries where the last name and heritage come down to children according to the maternal line. A newly formed social unit, as a rule, builds or buys a new accommodation that is distanced from the parents. This principle is called a nonlocalized residence. A standard family includes two parents and their children. All family members reside together.
Recently, the poll among the women born in 1959 has taken place. Sociologists intended to explore the social status of their husbands on the moment of entering marriage. Almost 40% of respondents answered that the status of their husbands was higher than their status. Today the picture has radically changed. Modern women consider that the career and position in the society are more important than family values. Consequently, women in modern England associate the bettering of the material status with the career but not with the marriage.

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