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Today, for any student, who chooses education in another town or country, the question of living is very important. Generally, housing rent costs too much. In its turn, location and comfortability of the residence is very significant in studying process as if you need to take into account such factors like capability of communication with counterparts, positive mood and limited funds and time which is spend on a way to institute.
As known, there are hostels at every serious university. But each of such hostels has its defined differences.
So, the first variant of hostels is a residences, which are located directly in campus.It is comfortable as if in this case at campus will be situated sport complexes, teaching blocks, libraries, administrative buildings and other significant resources for students.
Second variant are the residences which are situated on a defined distance from the place of study. For the most part, such residences are usual for so called city-like universities, teaching blocks of which are far from each other but not situated in one enclosed area. The main problem of this variant is to get to the university and back by yourself. For example in London it may take 3 or 4 hours of your time.

Notice that the allocation of students in families of local citizens of any given country is a well-known practice for those who were lucky to go to Great Britain to study English in any of the language schools. As known such type of dwellings are oriented definitely on foreigners.

Housing rent for students

Besides, as the practice shows, the majority of modern students, who spend a year together in university with their fellow learner softenly make a decision to rent a dwelling together. Student certainly can do it alone but it will be cheaper and more cheerful to rent a room with friendly party.
In many countries abroad students has a great capability to rent a dwelling with service (it is somewhere between rent a usual flat and hotel suite. In addition to that renter may use another services.
Evidently, students who make a decision to study abroad for the most part can live without side job. The case is that the majority of students are funded by the relatives who calculate any of the spending. In such a case there are students who willing to have a side job in a study-free time. By that in comparison with students off-the-job have a great capability to extend the ambit of acquaintances, get an experience and improve language speaking level with native speakers.

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