The visa center of England in Moscow


Before submitting all personal documentation on issuing a tourist visa in the visa center of England which is located in Moscow, I strongly  recommend you to come on a portal of the center and visit a page Registration of the visa of Great Britain independently. Without it, unfortunately, in any way: to England the visa is necessary if you are more than 24 hours there (i.e. not transit).
All this is necessary because first of all, the newest information which included various changes which happen in this visa center, and, secondly, there gives all the best you need to know all nuances, time you decided all procedure to carry out independently, without someone’s help.

The visa center of England in Moscow, opening of the visa document

    For example, such important information. Because there was a process of reduction of the personnel in this center of visa category, embassy which settle down in England, passed the following decisions: those terms which left for consideration, will increase now, by the way, it doesn’t belong to consideration of urgent character.
Also, now, all visa centers will demand to provide all documentation, as well as the translation to each reference moreover and with set with the copy, and also, it will be necessary to make the copy of the passport. And, perhaps, the most important information is that all applications for registration of a tourist visa, will pass consideration, only, in the capital of Great Britain, London and it despite that the visa center of England in Moscow is located. Please draw your attention to the fact that now to make only one copy of the page of any document in the center, you should pay the whole 20 or 25 rubles! It is good if it is necessary to make the copy only of one document and if them is much, will leave in enough, round sum.
By the way, on own experience I will tell that as a rule, devices in the visa center aren’t able to give delivery and very often to hang. It is better to pay with the smallest sum which you will have. Plus to everything, you will waste a lot of time as here constantly turn, and it is necessary to stay in it about two hours and even more. I think that for everyone it is important to know, what list of documentation will be required to start making out the English visa.

The first that is necessary, it is your own questionnaire, and also in addition to it a copy of the first page. Also consider that to glue the photo there is no need as this process is organized directly, in the center when accept documents. Besides all this, it will be necessary to make the copier of the international passport and even those pages which are empty. Also, if you have other passports of foreign character, and their photocopy will be required, only one copy.
But you must remember that all the documentation needs to be translated into English, and also, to assure the notary, behind an exception, those documents which will confirm extracts from the bank organizations, documentation on the car and so on. And only after that, it will be necessary to wait for the answer. It is very favorable and convenient when location of the visa center of England in Moscow of the country to which you want to go, it is located where you live. It is possible to save a lot of time on trips to this center and will quickly process the visa document. But it is worth reminding that you always met certain conditions on registration of the visa and submitted all necessary documents in time. Thus, it is possible to avoid all problems, in it I learned by own experience.

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