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Marriage in England

Nowadays there is a huge diversity of templates in our society, which give a possibility to organize a familial British community. These very templates will be a matter of the article. A great number of people resemble each other and they have common characteristic traits. A family in Great Britain relates to the monogamous type […]


Students in England

Today, for any student, who chooses education in another town or country, the question of living is very important. Generally, housing rent costs too much. In its turn, location and comfortability of the residence is very significant in studying process as if you need to take into account such factors like capability of communication with […]


Realty in Great Britain

I am sure that many people would like to acquire real estate abroad, for example, in Great Britain, and live there. But people are just afraid of the unknown, price and a lot of various factors that may affect on living there. In this article, I want to talk to you about real estate in […]


The visa center of England in Moscow

Before submitting all personal documentation on issuing a tourist visa in the visa center of England which is located in Moscow, I strongly  recommend you to come on a portal of the center and visit a page Registration of the visa of Great Britain independently. Without it, unfortunately, in any way: to England the visa […]

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