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The world’s 10 most expensive liquor

The world’s 10 most expensive liquor. When you hear the name of drinks or liquor you know what is this because all of us know what alcohol is and how it works, how many people we get throughout the day, who have drunk alcohol and some people Some people make it a habit, they drink […]


Brick Lane Market Fashion & Food

What’s good, London? It’s Sunday morning and today we’re hanging out at Brick Lane Market. This place is super rad to come and hang out, chill, grab a drink and eat some really dope food. And if you’re really lucky, you will spot a few people wearing some ridiculous next level outfits. So come check […]


Makeup Shopping in London

Hey everybody, so hello from London! Today we’re going to go makeup shopping again and this time we’re going to see what London has to offer the number one place I like to shop for drugstore makeup in London it is. This place called Superdrug, and you’ll find a ton, a ton of makeup. I […]

mens fashion

London Men’s Fashion

Today I’m going to answer the question, where I get all super frequently and, that is in regards, to a London shopping guide – my personal favorite online blog. You just teach these about London. Normally showcasing the best shopping places to go to. A lot of you guys leave some comments in regards to […]

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