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The Docks

There are six main groups of docks situated alongside the river below the bridges and covering a distance of 26 miles. Each of course has its own special clientele —and its own particular aroma of, for example, tobacco, spices, fruit, timber. The London and St. Katharine docks lie on the north side of the river just below Tower Bridge


The City and the Tower of London

This route goes eastward to the City of London, one of the most important financial and business centres in the world. Passing Charing Cross station note a reproduction of the original Eleanor Cross, one of those erected by Edward I to mark where Queen Eleanor’s funeral procession rested before reaching Westminster Abbey.

Trafalgar Square

Westminster and Buckingham Palace

A very handy starting point for tours of London is Trafalgar Square, named after Lord Nelson’s famous victory in 1805; his statue (17 feet high) crowns the pillar rising from the centre of the square (total height 170 feet). Along the north-west side of the square extends the National Gallery of Art, with the National Portrait Gallery behind it; in the north-east corner is the church of St. Martin’s-in-the-Fields, built 1721—6, when the site was obviously more rural.


Nobody really knows London, least of all those who have lived and worked in it all their lives. Visitors are often envied for their uncanny instinct for finding fresh facts or viewpoints, but even their assiduity cannot cover all the ground in the limited time usually available to them – and Greater London covers over 700 square miles.

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