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The King’s Orb

Perhaps the most sacred ornament of the coronation regalia is the Sovereign’s orb which symbolizes the dominion of the Christian religion over the world. It is a globe of gold encircled by a band edged with pearls inside which are fine rubies, sapphires and emeralds set within diamond clusters. The globe is surmounted by a […]

The Ampulla and the Anointing Spoon

The two oldest objects used in the coronation ceremony are the ampulla and anointing spoon. The ampulla is a vessel of fine gold in the shape of an eagle and it contains the holy oil used to anoint the Sovereign. The head unscrews to admit the oil which is poured out through the beak. The […]

The Sovereign’s Sceptre with the Dove

This slender sceptre signifying equity and mercy, is held in the Sovereign’s left hand. It is of gold surmounted by a jewelled monde of gold. From this rises a golden cross upon which stands a white enamelled dove with outstretched wings. Other sceptres in the Jewel House include the Queen’s Ivory Rod, and the Queen’s […]

The Royal Sceptre with the Cross

This sceptre, which is held in the sovereign’s right hand, is of gold surmounted by a magnificent diamond-encrusted cross with an emerald in the centre. Below the cross is a superb amethyst and below that is what is believed to be the largest cut diamond in the world. This is the pear-shaped brilliant known as […]

The Prince of Wales’s Crown

As befitted so historic an occasion, Charles Prince of Wales had a new crown made for his Investiture at Caernarvon Castle in 1969. That seen in the Jewel House has a single arch; it is fashioned of gold and is without jewels. It was made for Frederick Louis, son of George II and father of […]

Queen Victoria’s Small Diamond Crown

This beautiful little diamond crown, of heraldic Tudor form, was made about 1877 at Queen Victoria’s own expense because she found the Imperial State Crown too heavy. In 1937 King George VI ordered that it should be moved from Windsor Castle and added to the regalia kept in the Tower.

The Crown of Mary of Modena

This small crown of traditional English pattern is designed to be worn on top of the head rather than to fit it. Although sometimes called the Queen Consort’s Crown it has been worn by queens regnant as well as by queens consort. When originally made for Mary Beatrice of Modena, consort of James II, its […]

The Imperial Crown of India

This crown was specially made for King George V to wear at the Delhi Durbar of 1911, when he was ac­claimed Emperor of India, because the Imperial State Crown of England may not be taken out of the country. It will probably never be worn again and its significance now is purely historical. The crown […]

Queen Mary’s Crown

Set entirely with diamonds and crystals this crown was made for Queen Mary when she was crowned queen consort with King George V in 1911. It originally contained the Third Star of Africa in the cross patee which surmounted the heavily jewelled monde and the Fourth Star of Africa in the front of the band. […]

The Crown of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother

This graceful crown was made for The Queen Mother when she was crowned as queen consort of King George VI in 1937. It is set with diamonds from a circlet which belonged to Queen Victoria, and its outstanding feature is the famous Koh-i-noor diamond of 108 carats. Koh-i-noor means Mountain of Light and immemorial tradition […]

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