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What’s good, London? It’s Sunday morning and today we’re hanging out at Brick Lane Market. This place is super rad to come and hang out, chill, grab a drink and eat some really dope food. And if you’re really lucky, you will spot a few people wearing some ridiculous next level outfits. So come check this place out.
In my first years in London I’d just come here for people watching. To see what’s good, what people are wearing, what’s the new trends are.
I really want to get something like this kind of bomber jacket, but in camel. Oh shit, I like this! Oh, these are vintage Barbours! They ain’t cheap too though, son.
You know, Brick Lane, this whole area used to be a Bengali area back in the days. So every single street sign like Brick Line or Buxton Street will have a sign in Hindu as well.
We’re at Bagel Bake at Brick Lane, it’s open 24/7. Come here if you want the best salt beef bagel in the area. It’s the best, always bangin’. So good. It’s got the spicy traditional British mustard which makes it so good. Oh, I love the mustard.


I told you, denim is coming back! But denim overalls?.. What about these for you guys? Oh, look at that! Look at that! With the Pooh Bear. It’s alright.
I’m starving man, it’s ugly. But all the food smells so good in here! I don’t know what to get. All right, so there’s Chinese there, you got Mexican here… I know this is Ethiopian, I think around the corner you have Greek there.
If you’re looking for a clean fix and you want the healthy option, come and get it in the Opium Food. I always get it – it’s healthy, vegetarian or vegan and super-super tasty. It’s good, I love it, I always come here.
You’re feeling this? Yeah, why don’t we get one? Yeah! Awesome, thank you very much! Thank you, cheers! Look at these bad boys, Dutch pancakes. They feel nice and hot. So good! They’re very airy and fluffy. Very, very fluffy, actually.
So that’s it, guys. Brick Lane Market – it’s right across from Spitalfields Market, which is just down the street there. It’s also very close to Shoreditch. It’s such a good place to come and hang out on a Sunday. There aren’t very many markets around in London where you can get a variety of food from around the world, plus you can get inspired by young fashion designers, buy their stuff and see lots of cool people around. Always a good time. Come check this out.
Brick Lane Market is definitely what’s good!

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