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Today I’m going to answer the question, where I get all super frequently and, that is in regards, to a London shopping guide – my personal favorite online blog. You just teach these about London. Normally showcasing the best shopping places to go to. A lot of you guys leave some comments in regards to my favorites, and so we have them here today. I’ve compiled them into a list, that we’ve split in three subcategories. We’ve got department stores, shopping districts and then shopping streets.

Harrods Department Store

Traffic passes the Harrods department store in London

To start things up, I’m going to be talking about department stores. Now there’s four, where there is plenty more, but there is four major department stores, in my opinion, in central London. Starting  with Harrods. This is located in Knightsbridge. it’s kind of… It’s becoming full/already is over historical landmark as a place to shopping destination. Taking me wrong,  if the shops in their incredible, especially for menswear. You have the likes of Salvatore, Dior, Gucci, Burberry, Dolce, Dries, Acne Studios, J.W. Anderson and the list goes on… A PC, Ami. Incredible store, I would go there purely, because of how… Just…It’s just a beautiful place to be at. They’ve got a variety of different things. it’s not just fashion. They’ve got a world-renowned food court. Their women’s section is disgustingly ridiculous. They have everything.



Then second department store in London, once again. This one’s just off Bond Street and at the end of Oxford Street, you get Selfridge’s, which has the most popular department stores in London now. Again an incredible selection of clothing, especially in the menswear, and when I do look that, in that direction, it’s cause where is my computer with enough compartment of my list, so you’ve got the list of Balmain, Dries, Ports, etc… And the differences between Selfridges and Harrods, at least in my opinion, is that I find, that Selfridges is pushing the street, where envelope a bit more then Howard. Howard is very much old tradition, like the brands, that are… There are well established, where is Selfridges doesn’t mind taking some Gamble’s. So they have brands like: Off White, Easy, Bape, Magic suit, up-and-coming brands as well. And then you’ve got the more established. I’d recommend: Sandro, YOHJI, RAF SIMON and everything else. So, Selfridges another in st. store.

Dover street market

dower street

Number three would have a personal favorite of mine and that is Dover street market – incredible store and the reason, why I love this store so much it’s not just your typical department store. It’s all as a concept behind it. They really push the production value of a shopping experience. So when you go in there, it borderline sometimes for like… an entire like theater experience, basically. And they’ve got cooler brands. At least, in my opinion, so they’ve got likes Gosha, NEUBA, CRAIG GREEN, Yohji Yamamoto, and then they have like other brands, that you can find in Harrison and Selfridges. But it’s all laid out in such a cool manner and you’ve got that Dover Street aesthetic, which, I guess now, everybody knows. It’s especially with stores in New York and Japan… May I say so? They have stores…



And the final department store is Westfield. Now It’s a department store also like a shopping center because you just have loads of stores around in one block. Well, Westfield there is two in London: one in Stratford, one by one city, and where is I go to is white city. You’ve got the village section, which features of your high-end designer. Designers… Your high-end designer stores. You’ve got: Vilebrequin, Prada, Gucci…I think they have Gucci. Any other stores. And then you have your more affordable, high street closings, you’ve got your River Island, your Zara, your Bershka, your Top Man and you also have like an in-between grouse. You’ve got your Urban Outfitters, your Suit supply, like cool stores, that is COS, Reiss… Just amazing place you can so easy spend a whole day at Westfield, but those are the four department stores there. If you’re in London and you’re short for time or whatever, definitely do those and trust me you’re not covered the majority of your clothes, that you could full such want to get.


Moving on to shopping district, I have picked three for you. Now, obviously, in London, there is plenty and as I said these are my personal preference, my favorite starting with brick lane. This is very much, if you’re into your vintage committee, as you know I have a series of vintage stores on this channel, where showcase a lot of vintage stores and a lot of them can be found in Brick Lane Market – be on rage, Retro Rocket and there’s a lot of unique individual stores, as well it’s definitely worth checking it out.



Another district is Camden. There you more if you’re into the punk rock: leathers, studs. That sort of kind, then go to definitely. There are a few vintage stores, but it’s very much punkie, rocky, bask or black. I don’t wanna use the word Goth but that’s what I think, that’ll pop to mind in it for me – to have a lot of individual owned little unique stores, which is equal.



And the last, but not least. We have Soho. This is a personal favorite of mine as a design student, all back when I was a blind student, a lot of material shops, like textile shop, was on Berry Street, where you could find everything, that you wanted to. They also have stores like Supreme, which is just at the end of it palaces, also again to the end of it. Lots of really cool unique stores. It’s a lot smaller than most to other sections that I mentioned. It can be easily seen and checked out within half a day.

Oxford St.


And the last, but certain not the least we have shopping streets. Now i’m gonna start over the most obvious one that is going to be Oxford street, which is just off Oxford Circus. If you get on Bakerloo line and everything in there is the most famous street in London. I’m sure, when it comes to shopping covers everything pretty much form. (Squeak) Just everything is just all an old one Street.

Sloane St.


Then we have the Sloane street, which is your moral high-end designer clothing. Nearby Harvey Nicks and Howard’s. So you can create a respect what’s of brand you’re looking forward to seeing their incredible street. Especially if you were, like, interested in seeing, like to all the supercars, and London basically, they’re all going to be popped up in there.

New Bond St.


New Bond Street, which again kind of has a similar vibe Sloane street – high-end designer wear. There are a lot more, like new Bond Street always feels all timing, like almost as if you like taking a step back into like what London must have been like in the 19 ages ago basically.

Carnaby St.


And then the last street, that I put up with, is Carnaby Street. Amazing stores… my personal favorite and then the reason, why Steven mentioned it here, it is because of great form, which a lot of the abilities to goys. A lot of you guys asking and be interested Carnaby, because my final ring is from The Great Frog. Speaking of rings very very quickly but this ring I get from Asos, Goatee, this is from SilverStone and this is from The Great Frog. It’s my combo, I’m walking right now.


But yeah, that is it. That’s my London shopping guide. Personally i’d say, if you’re in rush the time get out hit out hit up the department stores and should be good to go, if you have a lot longer to visit and check out. Then yet take your time go around the whole of London. There’s a lot more, than I have already mentioned . Do your research to see what your favorite stores are. And London pretty much has every store that you could imagine anyway. So, yeah. I’m sure you’ll find something your favorite one basically.

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