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Hey everybody, so hello from London! Today we’re going to go makeup shopping again and this time we’re going to see what London has to offer the number one place I like to shop for drugstore makeup in London it is. This place called Superdrug, and you’ll find a ton, a ton of makeup. I love spending like an hours, and hours here.
First of all they’re sleek. Sleek is really popular, especially all over the world, and you get a lot of pellets. You have more products, you’re like contouring pellets to browse to eye shadow pellets, and they’re not expensive at about 8 pounds or just about, maybe 16 $.

superdrug shop

The other one is very M that I really like, and that a lot of people like I am. It has a lot, I think, has a lot more products in the lip, in the nail department, and I really find that. You know, makeup in London especially is a lot louder, and they’re not afraid to wear louder colors, and play around with more colors, and have products that have more a higher coverage, and everything like that. So, it’s really, really cool to see where I am, is also really fun. I picked up two nail polishes that I really liked, and so, into nude and pink’s lately. And then there are also other brands like Mua, and Mua is actually like only one pound for everything. So, it’s like one pound for powder, one proper nail stuff, is really good. And there’s also revolution, and these palettes here are around 40 pounds. So, they’re really, really affordable.
I also saw a whole stack of Zoella products. It’s a youtuber in that you can’t also everywhere in the world see their products all over Superdrugs. And also there is other local brands that you can find only in the UK that are also very high quality but also very affordable, as well which is really cool, and something you don’t get in Singapore. Of course, there are other brands like Maybelline, which is like Super Stay, which you don’t get in Singapore. And I love the stupid a range; I only had it in Australia, but not in Singapore. And then, there is, of course, Dream Velvet and this interesting Dream Blender thing. I think this is probably coming in Singapore sometime soon. And for L’Oreal I love this range, Infallible range – one of my favorites. And I also picked up a new sculpting product, which is this, which is like cream, contour and highlight, so excited to use that, and try it out, and hopefully review it soon as well. So, they’re not too expensive. I can get a lot cheaper than in Singapore, and then you have a lot of mascara as well. So, I think they bring in different products, and what you get in SE Asia, than Australia, than the UK and America. And this is the new Revlon liquid matte, liquid lipsticks. Of course, normal is really popular too. I do like the wake me up foundation. So, that is definitely one of my favorites. So, I just love, love, love super Josh. I cannot get enough of it.

Covent Garden


Now if you are looking for other boutique, makeup boutiques, you can hop on Covent Garden. Covent Garden is actually one of my favorite places to go in London. I always come here. There’s a lot of nice shops in Covent Garden, and a lot of nice makeup as well. So I think from a year ago, when I went to London, it has changed quite a bit number one. There is a new Kiko Milano store. I went inside tons and tons of makeup in there, was a little scared of film about my most excited thing of the day was Charlotte Tilbury boutique. And I was not here last year. So, it’s very excited to come in and make a purchase. But basically you’ll see all of the makeup response, so beautiful to see, like I love this maroon rose goodish color. I picked up two pallets and I also picked up the Magic foundation. I have been using them; I do like the pallets, but not so much a Magic foundation. Oh, in that coma Guardians great you can see a lot of entertainers, and have shaped shag and sucks like that.

Oxford Circus


As well now if you want more makeup then you can go onto Oxford Circus, and there’s a Topshop there. It happens to be a very, very big Topshop and the beauty department not so bad at all. And they not just only have Topshop makeup, but they also have different stuff like the ball. And they also have other brands that are not Topshop Beauty. Kind of like you know find glitter lips, for example, or DHC, or Umbrellas, Umbrellas… and all of these different bands EOS is everywhere. I heard about the EOS controversy lately, but I’m not sure myself. I wanted to get the Embryolisse, but it was really expensive, is about like maybe 20 to 40 pounds. You’ll get Tangled Teezers and other niche brands that you can get, that you can’t find in Main Street Areas, as well as Coarse Shop makeup. These are brush sticks and contour six things. I haven’t seen the Topshop in Singapore too. So, it’s really cool by the way you have to check this out. It has even a Frae store and a Cupcake store. I mean how cool is that.



The last place I want to bring you to is Selfridges, also next to Bond Street – my favorite place to comfort makeup. I could spend hours here too. You got Inglot, you got NYX and evens Zoeva, I’ve only seen to link up online. So, it’s really cool to see it on a retail level and to see the brushes, because they are absolutely gorgeous, and they were sold out like crazy as well, which is amazing. Of course, you also get your. You know Bobby Brown, your YSL and everything fat.

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