The world’s 10 most expensive liquor


The world’s 10 most expensive liquor. When you hear the name of drinks or liquor you know what is this because all of us know what alcohol is and how it works, how many people we get throughout the day, who have drunk alcohol and some people Some people make it a habit, they drink it every day, but first alcohol was made on the neck of the medicine and it was also later on gradually, people would use it for the sake of addiction and It used to be used day and night but some drinks or alcohol is very cheap so that people drink them too much and it is very bad, which often leads to the death of people and some drinks are big, But some liquor is so expensive that you can not even think of drinking it, putting them in their mouth, you will not even have their bottles in hand. We should know that there are such drinks in the world whose prices are not in thousands, but in millions, but in crores. If you tell me about some such drinks today, then see.

  1. Tequila Ley. 925:- The bottle of this wine is the world’s most expensive and to date, only a few people have bought it, they can not even think about drinking it and drinking it around 1600, Don Pedro de Sanchez Tagle, The Marquis of Altamira, made up of it, is tainted with the difference between Tequila made from Tarai and Highland Ramban plants. Large plants in the highlands often produce sweet and fruitier tasting tequilas, while the lowland agaves tequila give an earthier flavor because the price of this wine is the most expensive because it is half of its bottle behind. In fact, this bottle is covered with gold and platinum as well as 6,400 diamonds. It costs $ 3,500,000, so you can think that drink can be eaten.

2 . Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne:- It is also a drink from the world’s expensive, it was made in France and the name is a wine in honor of Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Wine Grande Champagne Henri IV. This is also called “DNA of all alcohol”. It is produced in 1776 for the first time and was in the coke barrel for 100 years. It contains 41% alcohol content. This drink bottle also has platinum and 24-carat gold layer and 6000 diamonds have been planted. So it is so expensive that its price is $ 2 million.

  1. Diva Vodka:- Diva Vodka is also a drink from some of the world’s expensive ones if you are wondering whether this particular vodka is what we get at the shops but it is not like this one of the most expensive vodkas is Diva Vodka Triple Filtered. There is a different kind of cam between its bottles, in which Swarovski Crystals are kept. You can use them to garnish your drink. Its bottle has its hand in excess of its price because the design of the bottle is very different, its bottle price is $ 1 million.
  2. Mendis Coconut Brandy:- Mendis is a drink which is made of coconut brandy Borassus floral juice (“toddy”) which meets only Sri Lanka, and has a clear Mendis brandy, it was brought out in 2009 and it was completely brought to a special Halmilla wood made of peas And is very famous brandy and is one of the few expensive in the world. Its bottle is worth $ 1 million.
  3. The Macallan ‘M’ Six Litre In Lalique:- Macallan is one of the world’s famous Scotch brands, it has a lot of old whiskeys, it was sold in January 2014 for auctioned the US $ 628,000 in the auction in Hong Kong and its bottle was made by Lalique, the 6-liter’ mirror glass. Empty 24.9lbs is weighted and 37.03lbs is filled, each one has taken more than 50 hours to complete 17 artisans and it is a very expensive Scotch brand, its price is $ 628,000.
  4. Macallan 64 Year Old in Lalique:- Macallan was made to break records for the single most expensive bottle of malt whiskey, this particular bottle was very heavy, and there was only four in the world, with the creation of a glass jar of a lot of bottle crystals, this And a bottle of this whiskey would be expensive, who knew that the blankest container weighs close to 25 pounds, and every one has 17 craftsmen and 50 hours , He may have taken a different bottle of his 150th anniversary, which costs $ 460,000.
  5. Dalmore 62:- Dalmore 62 One of the world’s most expensive whiskeys was made by Richard Patterson and sold its first two bottles for £ 100,000 each. According to the distillery website, the last bottle was sold in Harrods for £ 120,000 in 2011. It is so expensive that only 12 bottles have been made until today. Today’s price of one bottle is $ 215,000.
  6. Armand de Brignac Midas:- Armand de Brignac Midas is one of the world’s most expensive champagne. Its bottleneck is made of a metal below, it is 30 liters of VAT This brand was bought by singer and entrepreneur Jay-Z in 2013 and the bottle was designed by a 14-year-old Flavour Flav, which is this company The son of the owner and he asked to bring this bottle, its large size of the bottle is a major reason for its price. Its price is $ 215,000.
  7. Tribute to Honor by Royal Salute:- Royal Salute is the finest whiskey. It was established in 1801 by Royal Salam Scotch Whiskey Chivas Brothers, Aberdeen, Scotland, and this is a brand produced by them, which is made in less than 45 years, this rare blend, unmatched and One of the most expensive whiskeys. It is said that its bottle contains 413 white and black diamonds, and 22 carat gems that are all either gold or silver, so the price is very high. Its price is $ 215,000.
  8. Bombay Sapphire Revelation:- Bombay Sapphire Revelation is one of the world’s most expensive brands whiskey which was launched in 1987, which has a brand and sold the brand for Diageo Bacardi in 1997. Its name was popular in India during the British Raj, its bottle There is a flat sapphire, sapphire color, and a label of Queen Victoria has been featured on the label, in which the amount of alcohol is different in different countries like 40% (UK, Nada, Australia), 47% (US and export) certification (US) 80 (UK, Canada, Australia) 94 (US and export) and its price is a bottle dollar $ 200,000.
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