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Let’s start with breakfast first. You can surely enjoy breakfast at the hotel. It usually costs 15 to 23 pounds per person, which is even tolerable. However, if you are not used to eat a kilogram of ravioli in the morning, you should have breakfast in one of the numerous network French cafe-bakeries. The most popular of them are “Le Pain Quotidian”. They start their work from seven o’clock in the morning. Websites set out all the addresses of cafes in the British capital along with links to Google maps.

What you need to know about food in the capital

In London you’ll work up a good appetite, but it’s the lyrics. Well, breakfast “Baguette with something + a bun with some coffee” will cost within twelve pounds per person. This is the maximum that can be found, as a rule, people have breakfast for about seven pounds. Then you can go for a morning walk, after that you surely have worked up the appetite and you need to think about lunch.

The pub is the most appropriate place for it. They are almost everywhere and prices are usually the same, a set of dishes in its turn is quite modest: classic sausages with mashed potatoes, beer, cider, fish&chips and so on.

They start to serve food from noon until the specified time. In all establishments of that kind you’d better ask about their working hours in advance. The working hours of the kitchen often depend on the day of the week, weather conditions, moods of the working staff and similar factors. They can work up to ten o’clock in the evening and up to 4 – there’s nothing much to say.

You order meals by yourself directly at the bar, but at first you should occupy a table. While ordering meals you need to point at the table with your finger or to say its number that is shown on the countertop. You don’t have to tip in these establishments, but you can do it if you want. Pubs close at 23:00 – not earlier not later. As a rule the last order can be accepted fifteen minutes before closing. After that no orders are accepted.

You should pay attention especially to the following pubs.
The first one is located on the corner of Poland Street. The pub is called the “Coach& Horses”. The establishment has two floors, at the daytime only one floor is open. If the first storey has no place left, the working staffs open the second. In the evening both storeys are open, on the second floor waiters need to be tipped.

The next pub which is worth your time and attention is “The Globe”. The pub is on the corner of Baker Street. It also has two floors and a set of traditional English dishes. The establishment is quite spacious, however at the weekends the natives gather there to view football matches. Regardless of the time of the day or the day of the week there are always visitors. It should be mentioned that in this pub you can have a very tasty lunch and dinner.

Of course, if you wish, go in search of other most suitable for you pubs. Take some time and visit different places in order to find exactly what satisfies your preferences. In the capital there are plenty of such places where you can try all the traditional and classic English dishes.

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