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When I was looking for a hotel for me and my husband in London, I saw such an interesting survey. I’m sure that now many people prefer to search and book hotels in London on their own, because it is cheaper, than in agency. That is why I think this information will be usefull. Not everyone likes London, you should get used to it. At first to the peculiarities of the local climate. And to brighten up dreary rainy evenings, you can stay in a hotel, in which once were popular rock stars. For me, in any case (and for many of my generation)  very important argument was the following list : Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, AC / DC Marc Bolan. And not only they.

Unusual hotels in London

Nowadays such rock hotels are very popular even among the family travelers. On the one hand, there is not so much of the spirit of pathos, as in Claridge`s Hotel, on the other hand, they are much safer for living with children.
The Portobello Hotel is the place of worshiper a of rock ‘n’ roll. Very many popular celebrities stayed in this hotel. And Robbie Williams is still reserves a room number thirteen. There is such a high bed that you can climb to it only with special ladder, that is near the bed. Such a popularity of the hotel can be explained with one reason. There are many recording studios near this hotel. And besides that you can get a wonderful service, when you want. For celebrities it is very important. Besides that, this hotel is situated in a rather quiet place.
Sanctum Soho Hotel has thirty rooms and this is another symbolic place. This place is ideal for those, who are looking for a privacy. Managers of Iron Maiden called it the first rock hotel of London. People say, that the interior is fantastic there. Besides that , anyone can stay here and see how rock stars live. If it is one of your dreams, you can easy make it a reality.
Bohemian Hotel Sanctum Soho Hotel is situated in Soho. We can make a conclusion, that the movement never stops here. Besides that, there are very many interesting luxury hops near this hotel, you can get to them on foot. In the hotel it will not be dull too, everyone can find something interesting and enjoy it. There is a hydro spa on the roof, day and night bar, where you can drink or eat something tasty, also you can have a walk in the beautiful garden. Besides that, it is one of the places in London, where you can smoke. I mean garden. The reason is simple, the most of visitors are rock stars, and very few of them have a healthy style of life.
The Pavilion is a small hotel in the center of the city. Many popular rock stars also stay here. There are thirty rooms and every of them has own style and even name. The price is not very high, but hotel is really nice.

Pelirokko hotel and spa is more unusual place, there are twenty rooms, every of them is a symbol of one of the periods in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. For example, a room in grunge style,looks like a store or vinyl records.There is also a greeting from the motherland, pillow matryoshka and bottles Stolychnaya, that are mounted into the wall. Besides that a popular photographer of London can make unforgettable photos for you, it does not cost much.It really will be a memory for a whole life.
Cumberland is a very well-known and respectable place. Legendary Jimi Hendrix liked to hide from fans here at one time. Now you can even live in his room. There is still kept his guitar, and the walls are hung with newspaper articles about him.And also here is quite a remarkable restaurant. You will make a big mistake, if you do not visit it. The fact that it was awarded the “Michelin star”. Gourmets, you must try there the tastiest dishes of London. If you visit one of these hotels, do not worry about taxi. They have their own cars for transfers of guests, that is very convenient.

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