How it is: to study in London


Prestigious private English schools are the defined trend, which includes the richest history and secular traditions. It is notorious that today English boarding schools are the most expensive and authoritative institutions abroad.
English educational institutions are famous in the whole world because of its qualified education. Graduates a priori become highly qualified for the employers. They always are desirable in its sphere.
But it is uneasy to set off its child abroad so you have to know everything about such institutions in every details. And it is important to know not only about the subject of study, but about housing, conditions etc.

Educations and conditions for students

In the private schools of Great Britain there is enough intensive program of studying. Lectures are delivering in non-large classes in another words lecturer are able to focus on everybody who wants to know a little bit more. Every teacher, particularly director, will relate to students without any prenotion. Every student is like their own child, they will be planting love for learning and sport. There are a lot of attention to sport activity.
Academic year could be divided on 3 study trimesters. Spring trimester is begining in Jan. and finishing in the end of March. Summer trimester – from April till July. And, at least, winter – from the first numbers of September till the mid of December. As a rule, study is starting in September, but defined private schools can propose you to enter upon study process in any trimester. You can come back till New Year holidays.

In England kids go to their first Pre-preparatory school in 4 years, in some cases even earlier. From 5 years old it is compulsory education. There, children study English and embrace to the math. There are secondary subjects such as history, geography, art etc.
From eight to eleven years it takes Primary stage of the national education system. In this case, to the above mentioned subjects is adding design, essential disciplines, technologies.
From 11 to 18 age old will be followed middle school, it means Secondary School. Up to 14 years children are studying  different disciplines. They have a chance to choose from 5 to 10 subjects and to prepare to exams on the certificate during 18 months, that confirm middle education called “General Certificate of Secondary Education”.  Compulsory education is over in the age of 16. With this diploma you can enter a professional college next.
All who wishing to go further, I mean to enter the higher educational institutions will have to visit school additional 2 years. Study are based on a specialized program of pre-university preparation – “A – level”.
During this time, students will closely study 4 disciplines based on the university program. According to the results of a testing there is competition between all of the wishing to enter.

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