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I have been thinking for a long time where to go in winter, and finely chose.  I decided to go to England to see the winter beauty of the city. I can say that there is a quite temperate maritime climate. The weather depends on influencing oceans and winds on the territory of the country. As usual the wind blows on the coast, that’s why there is cool. I like that. The air is very clean andlight. Of course, the atmosphere is not similar with our country and this attracts.
Who does not know anything about the city, I can say, that London is really big. And on its territory it was even formed an own microclimate. The temperature of air is significantly higher than in the other areas, that are near the city. It is verypalpably.

London in winter, climate

I was impressed by the winter ecology of London. There is so clean that you feel yourself comfortable and pleasant. And this all despite the fact, that the city is known for its regular fogginess. I have heardvery often, that its better to go to London in winter to enjoy a more real and natural, calm life and all the beauty. That is really true. In winter, the atmosphere in the capital, is different. But of course, in other periods of the year, it is also pleasant to be here. You can always find something interesting for you, take a walk and see the sights.

Not everyone knows, that the winter in London is soft. Quite rare subzero temperature is considered there. Basically, 0 ° C. During the day there is enough warm. Of course, the winter in our country is rather different, that in Britain. That’s because during the day the temperature reaches 8 degrees. The snow is very seldom here. That is why, people are very happy when at Christmas, the earth is covered with snow. This is rare, but often it happens on holidays.
I was surprised when I realized that it is warmer outside, than inside. Because these people have own opinion about heating in their houses. Because of all these reasons, I advise you to take more warm clothes. They will be really useful. Even Russian winter can not be compared to winter in England, it was difficult not to notice. In  winterit is much colder outside, that is why it can be even hot inside. Here, locals save energy and you need to wear a sweater in the house.
If we look at the weather for months, it differs much. In December, the daily temperature of the air is 8 degrees. By the way, I advise you to visit to England in this month, because at this time you can enjoy the preparation for the Christmas holidays. Everything is so beautiful that it seems magical. You can see the atmosphere of celebration and fun. Yards and trees are decorated with garlands, everything shines. I have an unforgettable delight for a long time. That is why, if you have an ability to go there in December, you must use it.
As for January, here is colder, the daily temperature of the air is 2 degrees. Days are very overcast and cloudy. Sometimes the weather was rainy. In Februaryit is much warmer. The average temperature is 7 degrees. By the way, even at night it does not rich 0, thatundoubtedly makes me glad. February in London, is considered the most dry and not very pleasant month. I prefer December.
London in winter is always wonderful, it can notnot to impress with its beauty. I advise everyone to spend an unforgettable vacation in London. Especially come here for the Christmas holidays, where in every corner of the country you can enjoy an extraordinary fantastic atmosphere. London can present you a real fairy tail.
By the way, I have a good article about summer in England. You should read it, it should know it. Besides that, it is rather interesting. You ll know how to plan your summer holidays.

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