Aldwych Strand Station


Aldwych Station, originally know as Strand Station was closed in 1994. The disused street level entrance can still be seen on The Strand.

Aldwych Station history

Strand Station was originally opened in 1907, it acted as an off-shoot of the Piccadilly Line to Holborn.  The station attracted low passenger numbers but originally ran a late night shuttle service to take theatre-goers from The Strand to Finsbury Park and Holbron.

Thirty-three years after it was opened, the station was recommended for temporary closure during the Second World War, during this time the station was used as an air raid shelter, the tunnel its self was used as a storage space for valuable from the British Museum.

The station was put back in to opporation in 1946 but passenger numbers remained low, it soon became a Monday to Friday service and remained this way until it’s eventual closure in 1994.  The limited amount of movement on the line made it an ideal film location and many movies and TV shows were shot in the station before it’s closure.

The line has been kept in working order since closure so that it can continue to be used as a film location, it has appeared in many TV show, sometimes as Aldwych Station but often as a fictional station.  A dedicated train remains on the line, originally part of the Northern Line’s rolling stock.

Just some of the productions which were shot in Aldwych are Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, V for Vendetta, 28 Weeks Later, Creep and the music video for The Prodigy’s 1996 hit, ‘Firestarter’.

Aldwych station as seen shortly before closure, including internal and external views of the station. See the trains, platforms, ticket hall, booking office, some passageways and one of the lifts


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