Auto-Icon of Jeremy Bentham


Did you know there’s a university building in central London that has a dead body on display all year round? You can go to see it even if you are not a student as Jeremy Bentham is a bit of a tourist attraction.

Jeremy Bentham had already died when UCL (University College London) opened but because of his strong principles on education for all regardless of race, creed, or political belief he is considered the spiritual founder of the university.

He died in 1832 and left full details of what he wanted done with his body after his death in his Last Will and Testament. After dissecting for educational purposes he wanted to be preserved as an ‘auto-icon’ which is what we can see today.

The head is a wax replica but his real head is held by the university. He has been cared for by UCL since 1850 and comes out for an annual clean and conservation.

Check out the Free Family Day Out in Central London which includes a visit to the Jeremy Bentham Auto-Icon.

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