Barbican Conservatory


Unknown to many regular visitors to the Barbican Centre, there is London’s second largest conservatory within the complex housing over 2,000 exotic plants and trees, plus birds and even fish. Even less known is the fact it is open to the public and free to visit.

Brutalism and botany come together in harmony at the Barbican Conservatory. There are lots of paths to explore, a small bridge over the koi carp, and steps up to a higher level where you can see the arid house full of cacti and succulents.

The birds are kept in an aviary and you can see finches and doves, plus other species at times.

The Barbican Conservatory is only open on Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays (and can be closed on those days if there is a private event so do check in advance).

And, of course, the glass roof makes this worth visiting whatever the weather.

While you are here, do try the Barbican Big Adventure (not just for the kids!)

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