Dinosaurs in Crystal Palace


After the 1851 Great Exhibition in Hyde Park the glass exhibition hall was dismantled and moved to this south London location and the park was landscaped by Sir Joseph Paxton’s Crystal Palace Company between 1852 and 1855.

As part of this transformation, and to leave a lasting legacy in the area, sculptures of extinct animals were commissioned in 1852. The sculptures included these marvellous Crystal Palace Dinosaurs which are now known to not be accurate but the artist did work with a leading scientist to ensure they were the best to their knowledge at the time.

The dinosaurs are well loved in the area and it is good to know they are now restored and conserved regularly.

Nearby: Do stay and explore Crystal Palace Park as there are still the Italian Terraces from the Crystal Palace that was used in the 1851 Great Exhibition in Hyde Park. (Sadly, the Crystal Palace itself was destroyed in a fire in 1936.) The park also has children’s playgrounds, a maze and a children’s farm.

According to the article in http://golondon.about.com

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